Scholarship Application

Apply online for the 2021 Henry W. Welch Scholarship by completing the application form below. Please be aware that you cannot save your progress and return to the application. You will need to complete the application in its entirety to submit it online. Be prepared to upload your completed essay and a formal photograph to complete the application.

You must complete a two-page statement outlining your ability to work with the elderly emphasizing your (1) previous experience with geriatrics/gerontology; (2) leadership qualities including initiative, organizational skills, and ability to influence others; (3) your ability to meet people and your interest in working with the elderly; (4) your current or previous involvement in school, community, churches or other venues where you interact with the elderly; and (5) your plans for the future including specific involvement with geriatrics/gerontology, and working with the elderly.

In addition, you must provide a formal color photograph of yourself for our use if you are awarded the scholarship. This picture will only be used for marketing and promotion of the Henry W. Welch Scholarship, and should be reflective of the dignity of the aging profession.