Bring Happiness to the World as Part of the Holiday Joy Squad

For many of us, the holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, to share drink and favorite foods, to attend holiday parties and exchange gifts, and to just connect.  This year, with COVID-19, we are all finding new ways to connect with family and friends virtually, exchanging gifts through online services or by donating to our favorite charity, or spending time chatting on the phone.

We are inviting you and your friends to join the Holiday Joy Squad.  The Holiday Joy Squad project which runs until January 10, 2021 is a project to connect us with family and friends that you might have lost contact with over the years.  Or a family member or friend whom we just keep thinking “I should call them”, but we never seem to find the time to make that connection.

As we reflect on the positive aspects of COVID-19 a year ago, many of us weren’t very skilled at virtual meetings, at having face time conversations on our smart phones or tablets, and most of us just continued on with our usual routines.  

With closures of businesses and schools, work from home for many of us, and stay-at-home orders, many of us have found time to ground ourselves in other activities that bode of “home”.  Last spring, buying garden seeds was a challenge as everyone decided they would plant a garden.  Families started having picnics in the park.  Hundreds of people started walking their own dog or taking walks in the neighborhood. And neighbors with masks and social distance, even sometimes stopped to visit on the sidewalk or in the street.  Many of us didn’t even know our neighbors before COVID-19.

As we have started to place value on these new found ways to live our lives including fresh garden produce, a leisurely walk in the park, or small talk with a neighbor, we are reminded that most of us have many more relationships that we should engage in to bring happiness and joy to the world.

By joining the Holiday Joy Squad, you decide to call neighbors that you lost touch with when you moved to a new home, or school friends that you have not talked with for years, or family and friends who are suffering from an illness or just sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring.  The Holiday Joy Squad doesn’t accept excuses of “I don’t have the number”.  Google is your best friend to helping us all re-connect.  Social media’s strength is connecting with family and friends.

Holiday Joy Squad is more than phone calls or Zoom.  The Squad suggests sending a hand-written “thinking of you” card, or baking cookies or cakes and delivering them on the front porch with a special note to someone whom you haven’t connected with for a long time. Another idea, the Squad suggests is dropping by an older adult’s house and putting some lights on a tree in the front yard, ringing the door bell, and having a socially distanced conversation.  Make a second visit and go back to get them after the holidays.  

Any random acts of kindness counts.  The Holiday Joy Squad invites everyone to get involved.  Reach out and record your acts online.  Individuals who record fifteen acts of kindness will receive a gift card.  Join the Holiday Joy Squad today.  For more information, call 303-333-3482. We would love to have you be part of the Squad.  We know you will be filled with joy and happiness for your acts of kindness.

Record Your Holiday Joy Acts!

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