Mental Health

Because mental health issues are often unique and require highly specialized solutions, there are few general resources available for it. You may be able to find some support including counseling and primary care through the Community Mental Health Center network, or through some specialized or private clinics. The best way to find mental health care is often through a direct referral from a physician or other health care provider.

A “Kitchen Table” Approach Counseling
The “Kitchen Table” approach to psychotherapy and clinical counseling dictates that we are all human beings creatively, lovingly and wonderfully made and worthy of dignity, compassion and respect. It is only after our basic humanness is acknowledged that we come to the table in our respective “roles” of client/patient and counselor in the therapeutic relationship. Don’t wait any longer. Life is short and you cannot feed others if you yourself are not fed and nourished. Come to the table, the Kitchen Table today.

Center for Conscious Aging
1526 W Fair Ave, Littleton 80120
Professional counselors and facilitators provide emotional, psychological and spiritual services that support older adults and their families to live meaningful lives, providing: support groups, workshops on Successful Aging, caregiver support, individual counseling, mentoring and guidance, grief support, and facilitated family discussions.

Colorado Public Mental Health System
The State of Colorado provides mental health coverage to both Medicaid and uninsured individuals, subject to available appropriations, through a network of 17 Community Mental Health Centers, five Behavioral Health Organizations and six specialized clinics. Check the online listings to find a clinic that serves your area, and contact it directly for eligibility information.

Denver Health Medical Center – Psychiatric Emergencies

Mental Health America of Colorado
1385 S Colorado Blvd #610, Denver

Metro Community Provider Network
MCPN offers mental health psychiatric care on a funds available basis to eligible residents of their community health clinic service areas, primarily Arapahoe county, Jefferson county and the City of Aurora.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Colorado
1100 Fillmore St, Denver