Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are often a major component of aging and sometimes can be a significant burden. Since 2006, all Medicare-eligible individuals are required to have prescription drug coverage, and can be penalized with higher premiums should they not have coverage. Medicare Part D prescription drug plans can have large costs associated for some users of many or expensive prescriptions, including deductibles and premiums, and the coverage gap (donut hole). Many pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies offer discount and donation programs to help individuals receive their prescriptions when their insurance is insufficient.

Lilly TruAssist
A prescription assistance program from the pharmaceutical company Lilly. Low-income, disabled or other persons who cannot afford their drugs made by Lilly can request temporary supplies.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
A comprehensive listing of prescription assistance programs available from all of the major drug companies. Searchable by drug or manufacturer, it is a valuable resource for finding help with high prescription drug costs.

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