Assisted Living Facility Owner/Operator Training (March 2018)

Date(s) - 03/27/2018 - 03/30/2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Colorado Gerontological Society is a certified provider of the 30-hour Assisted Living Administrator Training required for licensure of assisted living facilities in Colorado. Trainings are offered on a quarterly basis, as a four-day consolidated course. Total cost is for the course is $660 which includes CGS membership, class materials, lunches and refreshments. Participants must register for the complete four-day course. Partial registrations will not be accepted.

The maximum class size is 22 participants. Registration must be received by March 25, 2018 in order to guarantee a place in the course. Late registrations will only be accepted by phone. The fourth quarter training will be from March 27 – March 30, 2018 at Parkplace Senior Living, 111 Emerson St, Denver, 80218.

To register online complete the form below, register by phone at 303-333-3482, or download a registration form (will be available March 1) and submit it by fax to 303-333-9112 or by mail to CGS, 1330 Leyden St Suite 148, Denver, CO 80220.

Tentative Class Schedule
This schedule is preliminary and may be subject to change. This is in no way a guarantee of offered courses or time/date of instruction.

Course Trainer Time
Resident Assessment/Patient Centered Care Eileen Doherty, MS 3/27/2018 08:00 – 10:45 (2.5hrs)
Falls and Fall Prevention Roger Doherty Doherty, MPA 3/27/2018 11:00 – 11:45 (.5 hrs)
Managing the Incontinent Resident Pat Cook, RN 3/27/2018 12:00 – 01:00 (1.0 hrs)
Creating a Safe Environment: Infection Control Pat Cook, RN 3/27/2018 01:15 – 02:15 (1.0 hrs)
Dealing with Emergencies Roger Doherty, MPA 3/27/2018 02:30 – 05:00 (2.5 hrs)
Resident Rights Lynn Davis, MSW, LCSW 3/28/2018 08:00 – 10:30 (2.5 hrs)
Working With the Elderly: Care Planning Eileen Doherty, MS 3/28/2018 10:45 – 11:45 (1.0 hrs)
Working with the Stroke Victim  Merilee Phillips, OTR 3/28/2018 12:15 – 01:45 (1.5 hrs)
Alzheimer’s Disease Alicia Murray 3/28/2018 02:00 – 04:00 (1.0 hrs)
Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs Bryan Myers, RPh 3/28/2018 04:00 – 05:00 (1.0 hrs)
Safe Environment-EOP Carolyn Bluhum, MPCP 3/29/2018 08:00 – 09:30 (1.5 hrs)
Techniques for Handling Difficult Residents Eileen Doherty, MS 3/29/2018 09:45 – 12:15 (2.5 hrs)
Dealing with Depression Eileen Doherty, MS 3/29/2018 12:45 – 01:45 (1.0 hrs)
Community Resources and Gov. Benefits Eileen Doherty, MS 3/29/2018 02:00 – 02:45 (.75 hrs)
 Legal and Ethical Issues                                           Kent Olson, JD                                      3/29/2018 03:00-05:00 (2.0 hrs)
Nutrition – Eating Right Candace Johnson, RD 3/30/2018 08:00 – 10:30 (2.5 hrs)
Coping with Parkinson’s Disease Nick Peterson, MA/Josette Prosser 3/30/2018 10:45 – 11:45 (1.0 hrs)
Planning a Meaningful Activity Program Linnea Couture 3/30/2018 12:15 – 02:15 (2.0 hrs)
Community Resources and Gov. Benefits Eileen Doherty, MS 3/30/2018 02:30 – 05:00 (2.5 hrs)
Refund policy: All cancellations must be received in writing five days prior to the session. A $100 processing fee will be charged for all cancellations. Refunds will be made approximately thirty days after the course. There will be a $35 charge for dishonored or returned checks.
CGS Membership Included: A one year CGS individual membership is included with the registration fee for this course. Annual CGS organizational membership is $100 for three persons.
Proof of Identity: The state requires that all registrants prove identity to receive a certificate of completion of the training. At the first class, please show a current US federal, state or local government-issued identification (including military), current tribal enrollment card with photo or other form of photo tribal identification, current passport or current student identification. Copies will be kept on file. Individuals will be required to sign a state-approved form documenting they have shown proof of identity.