Medicare Monday – 2024 Schedule of Events

Whether you are new to Medicare, adding or changing your coverage, our experts can help!

The Colorado Gerontological Society will be sponsoring both in-person and virtual Medicare Monday programming to assist Medicare beneficiaries during open enrollment from October 14, 2024 to December 7, 2024.

Programming will include:

  1. Review of 2025 Medicare Changes sessions (in-person and virtual) including the $2000 cap on out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs.
  2. Wednesday Lunch and Learns to explore Medicare topics in more detail.
  3. Assistance with enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans
  4. Counseling for those “New to Medicare”
  5. Counseling and assistance on Medicare questions

Virtual sessions

During open enrollment, Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in Original Medicare are encouraged to join us to learn more about the upcoming changes in 2025.

Additionally, Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan may want to review their current plan and can change to a new plan, should they wish to change. There are several new Medicare Advantage plans entering the Colorado market.

Additionally, beneficiaries should review their Prescription Drug Plan and make changes, as the new benefit which caps Medicare prescription drug out-of-pocket costs at $2000.

Here are currently scheduled Medicare Monday events:

2025 Medicare Changes

DATE: October 14, 2024, 9:30 am (virtual)
TOPIC: Learn about changes in the 2025 Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Participants will learn more about new Medicare coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.
PRESENTER: Eileen Doherty, MS, Colorado Gerontological Society


New to Medicare

DATE: October 14, 2024 6:00 pm (virtual)
TOPIC: Every year, hundreds of Americans become eligible for Medicare. Most of us become eligible when we turn 65. But more and more older adults continue working beyond age 65 and then have to enroll when they are no longer enrolled in an employer plan. Learn how to notify Social Security of your late enrollment in Medicare, as well as how and what to file when you leave the workplace.
PRESENTER: Eileen Doherty, MS, Colorado Gerontological Society