Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) & Aid to the Blind (AB)

What is AND and AB?
The Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) and Aid to the Blind (AB) are programs that provide temporary cash assistance to individuals who are disabled and unable to work for 6 months or be judged blind without working capacity respectively.

The purpose of these programs is to give recipients an interim income until a Supplemental Security Income application is approved. Benefits are limited to a maximum monthly income of $200 per person, so if an individual has income from private pensions, work income, SSDI or others, total possible AND/AB benefits will be reduced accordingly.

Who is eligible for AND/AB?
To receive benefits, individuals must be aged 18-59 and have been certified by a Colorado licensed doctor as being disabled for at least 6 months without work capacity OR certified by a Colorado licensed Optometrist/Ophthalmologist as meeting the legal definition of blindness without work capacity. Applicants must also meet Colorado residency requirements, have earned income of less than $189, have resources of less than $2,000 ($3,000 for a couple) and verify that they have applied for SSI.

Individuals who have income above $200 are not eligible, and those above 60 are eligible for Old Age Pension, which has higher benefits.

Individuals with a primary diagnosis of alcoholism or substance abuse are limited to a maximum 12 months of benefits and must submit to treatment and random testing (those who fail tests will be disqualified from benefits).

How to apply for AND/AB
Applicants will have to complete a standard Medicaid application as well as apply for SSI at their local SSA office.

After applying, the individual will be required to have a medical examination, schedule by the county and completing the form provided by the county. The physician will have to make a determination of disability based on medical or mental factors OR a determination of low visual acuity. Once approved, an individual will receive benefits effective from the date of application or the date of eligibility for benefits, whichever is later.