Colorado Property Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate (PTC 104)

What is the Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate?

The State of Colorado provides a refundable tax credit for property taxes, rent costs, and heating bills paid by seniors and disabled residents. The Property Tax, Rent, Heat rebate is payable even if individuals do not file or pay state income taxes. The program is also known as the PTC 104 based on the paper application form number.

The rebate is claimable for up to two years after the end of the tax year (e.g. individuals can apply for the 2022 rebate until the end of 2024). The amount of the rebate changes yearly; up to $976 for 2021 and $1,044 for 2022.

Who is eligible for the Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate?

Colorado residents are eligible if they are:

  • aged sixty-five (65) or older during the tax year, or
  • a surviving spouse at least 58 years of age, or
  • qualified for a public or private disability plan for the entire year,
  • have annual income less than $16,925, or $22,858 for a couple in 2022 ($15,831 and $21,381 in 2021), and
  • paid any property tax, rent, or heating bills.

Note: the rebate will pay for heating costs specifically. If applicants heating costs are included in other larger bills (including with an electric or rent bill), the heating costs must be broken out separately.

How to apply for the Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate

Anyone who has applied for the rebate for the last two years can apply online through the Colorado Revenue Online. Applicants should select “File a PTC Rebate Application” and upload all required attachments. Applicants may also complete a Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate Application (form PTC-104) for the appropriate tax year to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Colorado Department of Revenue
Denver, CO 80261-0005

The actual amount rebated to applicants will vary based on income and heating expenses and is limited to the actual amounts spent if less than the maximum rebate.

Rebate applications filed in the first year after the tax year will be paid in one to four installments, depending on when the application is filed. Payments are made on a quarterly schedule, and the rebate is divided into the number of quarters remaining in the year.

Rebate applications filed in the second year after the tax year will be paid in a single installment approximately ten (10) weeks after filing.

Property Tax, Rent, Heat Rebates are paid by direct deposit or paper check.

Need help with the Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate?

The Colorado Department of Revenue administers the rebate along with other state tax programs, and provides in-person assistance completing applications at state Taxpayer Service Center.

To check the status of a filed rebate application, use the state’s “Where’s My Property Tax, Rent, Rebate Refund (PTC)” tool on Revenue Online.

CGS counselors will assist seniors with completing applications by phone, including by appointment if you need help or have questions. Call us today and speak to a benefits counselor at 303-333-3428.