Multi-Generational Family Housing Forum

For the past year, The Society has been studying multi-generational family housing.  The purpose of this study has been to identify ways to help multi-generational families access the services and programs to which they are entitled, with a special focus on communities of color.

                To help with our study, 85 individuals responded to an online survey, 50 individuals responded to a mailed survey, 90 individuals participated in discussion groups, and 25 people participated in individual interviews, specifically on the ease of completing the SNAP/Medicaid application.

                The areas that we studied include:  rental housing, access to government benefits, filing income taxes, claiming dependents in your place of work, caregiving, family relationships, and COVID-19.  We will be sharing our findings virtually, as well as resources for families who live in multi-generational housing on July 28 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am via zoom. 

Register to learn more about our findings, as well as more about resources we plan to share