Holiday Baskets

Holiday Baskets for Seniors 

Volunteers will deliver baskets in the Denver Metro area on Saturday, December 17, 2022 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.   

As part of our commitment to serving those in the most need in our community, CGS annually organizes a food drive to fill holiday baskets with food and presents for low-income older adults who will be spending the holidays alone and have no friends or family in the area. Schools, businesses, government agencies, non-profits, churches and individuals come together to help those in the most need to get through what can be a tough and lonely season, while spreading joy to those most in need.   

To provide volunteers and older adults a meaningful experience, the Adopt-A-Senior Holiday Basket project is organized in a way to keep everyone safe.   

Who We Serve   

Holiday Baskets are prioritized for low-income individuals who are living alone or with a spouse, and who have no family or friends with whom they will spend the winter holidays. We will deliver baskets throughout the Denver Metro Area to individuals who request a basket.   

Service Area   

We deliver baskets to seniors who are (1) low-income, (2) will be alone on Christmas or other winter holiday, (3) are low-income and (4) who live within the following boundaries (please note, exceptions may be made at our discretion alone): south of 120th Ave and north of County Line Rd, west of Union Blvd and east of Tower Rd.   

How To Apply   

If you are interested in receiving a basket, either for yourself or for another individual,  by clicking the button below.  You will be notified by telephone and/or mail if you are selected to receive a basket.  YOU MUST ANSWER THE PHONE CALL FROM CGS TO CONFIRM THAT YOU WILL BE HOME PRIOR TO HAVING A VOLUNTEER DELIVER A BASKET.   

Individuals wishing to receive a basket must complete the and return it to The Society.   will be accepted through November 15, 2022. Individuals must be home during this time to receive a basket. Baskets will be given to individuals who are living alone, who do not have any relatives or friends with whom they will be spending any time during the holidays, and who are low income.   

How to Volunteer   

Volunteers and Businesses/Organizations can adopt one or more older adults.  You or your company can adopt as many older adults as you want.  Just recruit enough volunteers to deliver the baskets to the older adults’ homes. Generally, volunteers deliver from 3-4 baskets over 1-2 hours.   

This year you purchase the food on the list.  On December 17, 2022 between the hours of 9:30 am and 1:00 pm, pack the food you purchased in your car and come by The Society’s office at 1129 N Pennsylvania St, Denver 80203.  You will drive through the parking lot (you will not get out of your car).  Volunteers in CDC approved personal protective equipment will put a chicken, a gift, and a hygiene kit in your trunk for the number of older adults that you have agreed to adopt.   

Next, you will receive the list of the older adults whom you have adopted and make the deliveries.  When you arrive at the older adult’s home or apartment, you will put the basket on the front porch or in the lobby of the apartment building.  You will step at least six feet away and call the older adult to let them know to come and pick up the basket. You can wish the older adult(s) Happy Holidays from a distance, take photos if you wish to share on social media and with The Society, and bring a human touch and pleasure to a mostly isolated group of older adults in our community.   

Volunteer for the Holiday Baskets  

The Society will host Zoom Meetings for Volunteers with Holiday Basket Delivery Instructions and to review the process for purchasing food and delivery of baskets. We will answer and questions, and demonstrate how the process will work. Join us at any of the meetings below to learn more about how you can help. All volunteers are encouraged to attend one volunteer meeting.  

Training Sessions – Holiday Basket Delivery Instructions   

December 6, 2022 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm   – Register
December 7, 2022 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm   – Register
December 13, 2022 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm  

How to Donate   

If you are unable to adopt a senior, or would like to support the Holiday Baskets for Seniors project in other ways, you can also make a financial donation to help us purchase the chicken, gift and hygiene kits.   

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