Latino Advance Care Planning

We know topics surrounding end of life concerns are sensitive and challenging, but critical to the health of our Latino communities.The Colorado Gerontological Society in partnership with the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado are working to bring Advance Care Planning to Latino elders and their families.

In the next two years, we will develop a culturally sensitive curriculum and deliver programs for the Latino community to educate and assist Latinos elders and their families in Advance Care Planning and completion of Advance Directives.

Our goal is to skillfully increase the number of Latino elders and their families actively engaged in their health and health care
decisions with knowledge and confidence.

  • We will create culturally sensitive curriculum and programs in Advance Care Planning to train community professionals.
  • We will establish a community of professionals in a variety of fields that will incorporate Advance Care Planning conversations when working with Latino elders and their families.
  • We will create a network referral system of Advance Care Planning supports and services for Latino elders and their families.
  • We will have ongoing conversations with health care and insurance systems about Advance Care Planning practices.
  • We will have ongoing conversations with religious organizations about Advance Care Planning practices.

Join the discussion and help us have a meaningful conversation about Advance Care Planning with your loved ones. For more information please contact Maria Madrid at 303-333-3482.

Watch the Medicare/Medicaid spanish infomercial below to learn more about enrollment. Vea el infomercial de Medicare / Medicaid en español para obtener más información sobre la inscripción