Medicare Monday

Each year, there are changes in the Medicare Part A and B deductibles, premiums, and co-pays.  These changes are affected by the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment or COLA.  In addition, Medicare often adds new benefits that affect care and coverage.

Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans annually have changes that affect beneficiaries including additional benefits, premiums, and coverage areas.  Sometimes companies add or change specific plans. Some companies leave the service area forcing members to select a new health insurance plan.

Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Plans annually make changes in the standard benefit, the coverage gap, and the out-of-pocket expenses. The companies that offer coverage in Colorado often change or new companies enter the market.

Medicare beneficiaries should do comparison shopping to learn more about the specific coverages provided by different companies.

Learn more about the 2024 Medicare Changes

The Society is offering virtual meetings by Zoom and in-person events throughout Colorado on Medicare Changes for 2024.

Additionally, The Society is offering virtual sessions by Zoom for those who are New to Medicare.

This year’s sessions are listed below.

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