Medicare Monday Sponsorship

During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (October 15 to December 7) for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, The Society sponsors Medicare Monday, a statewide educational and marketing event with 16 locations in 2017. During this event participants learn about annual changes to all parts of Medicare including plan offerings, premiums, deductibles, copays & coinsurance. They are also offered an open question & answer session with unaffiliated Medicare experts.

These events are primarily educational events hosted by The Society, with our experts providing the majority of the program. At the end of the educational presentation, attendees are able to comparison shop among plans who sponsor the event and provide information about their specific plan offerings for the next year. The Medicare Monday sessions qualify as sales/marketing events and comply with the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Marketing Guidelines. While the sponsors may offer information about their products, they may not:

  • Conduct health screening or other like activities that could give the impression of “cherry picking.”
  • Require beneficiaries to provide any contact information as a prerequisite for attending the event. This includes requiring an email address or any other contact information as a condition to RSVP for an event online or through mail. Plans/Part D Sponsors should clearly indicate on any sign-in sheets that completion of any contact information is optional.
  • Use personal contact information obtained to notify individuals of raffle or drawing winnings for any other purpose.

For those interested in sponsoring a Medicare Monday session, please complete the form below and The Society’s education staff will be in contact with you to confirm the details of your participation. You can also download a registration form and submit by mail or fax. You can Sponsor the entire statewide event and download a State-wide Sponsorship Registration Form and submit by mail or fax.

Sponsor a Medicare Monday Location