Telephone Buddy

The Telephone Buddy program encourages human connection and camaraderie during isolating times.

The Colorado Gerontological Society has launched a Telephone Buddy program.  A Telephone Buddy is a volunteer who calls an older adult to check on them, share stories, and make sure their needs are being met.  Telephone Buddies share time and bring a sense of purpose. 

Safe at Home orders in which adults age 60 and over were instructed to stay at home have been particularly difficult in this period of COVID-19.  Staying at home has been even more difficult for individuals in senior living facilities.  Many people who live in their own homes or an apartment have found similar hardships. 

Families and friends have been separated from loved ones.  The human touch has been missing. A Telephone Buddy provides a human touch point.  In this time of social distancing, a Telephone Buddy is the friendly voice of a live person with whom you can feel a connection. 

Now, COVID-19 has given us time. This time maybe, just maybe, it is a time-out.  Social distancing has given us a time to care, time to share, and time to act.

If you want a Telephone Buddy to call you, call 303-333-3482, or toll-free 1-855-293-6911 or 1-855-880-4777 (Spanish).

What Can I Do?

Sign up to be a Telephone Buddy today and help make a difference and keep our communities human connections alive.

How It Works

Each Telephone Buddy will attend a short Zoom training to learn more about the program, the reporting requirements, and the expectations.

A Telephone Buddy is then matched with an older adult from the Denver community. Most older adults have received services through other programs of The Society. Our Team Leaders screen each older adult to identity their major needs and preferred contact methods.

Each volunteer will make 1-2 phone calls per week to an older adult to check in on their day-to-day needs, and to provide a point of human social contact like sharing a memory, or discussing current events. Volunteers can make the phone calls on your own schedule, and in whatever method is most convenient for you and the older adult.

The volunteer will complete a simple follow-up report to a Team Leader with The Society after each telephone call. The Society will follow-up on any special needs and help connect the older adult to community services and programs including our own when necessary.

Make a Difference

If you’re looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity through the COVID-19 pandemic, be a Telephone Buddy.

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