Property Tax Deferral

Colorado’s Property Tax Deferral Program helps

  1. Older adults
  2. Active military personnel
  3. Individuals who want to defer a portion of their real property taxes if they exceed the property tax-growth cap of 4%, averaged from the preceding two years (the minimum amount a taxpayer may defer is $100 and the maximum cumulative taxes that a taxpayer may defer is $10,000).

How does the program work

The Senior Property Tax Deferral Program allows you to delay paying the taxes you owe until a future date. It will also put a junior lien on your property until you repay the loan. If you wish to apply for the Senior Homestead Property Tax Exemption, the amount of the tax deferral will be decreased.

Is there interest on the junior lien (loan)

Yes, interest rates vary

When is the lien (loan) due

  1. The lien (loan) plus interest is due when you no longer live in the property

Can you apply for help for more than one year?

  1. Older adults can apply every year; or they can only use the program as needed depending on their ability to pay their taxes on an annual basis

Can I pay the lien (loan) off before I sell my property?


Application Deadline

The application must be filed between January 1st and April 1st, 2023.

How to apply?

Taxpayers must reapply each year to continue deferring prior year taxes, as well as to request deferral on current year taxes.

  1. Older Adults
  2. Active Military
  3. Tax Growth Cap