The Property Tax, Rent, Heat (PTC 104) Rebate is now available to Colorado residents based on income including people with disabilities and older adults to help with their property tax, rent, and/or heat expenses this winter and beyond.

Who is eligible?

  1. Colorado Resident from January 1 – December 31, 2022
  2. Paid property tax, rent or heating bills
  3. Not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s federal income tax return.
  4. Over age 65; OR
  5. Surviving spouse 58 years of age and older OR
  6. Disabled (as determined by a government or private agency)

Income Limits

  1. Total income from all sources was less than $16,925 for single filers and $22,858 for married filing jointly

What is the maximum amount of the rebate

  1. $1044 (PTC 104)
  2. $1000 (may be eligible for the Senior Income Tax Credit)
  3. $153 (may be eligible for the second Tabor refund)

How to Apply:

  1. Click here to apply online for the 2022 rebate (deadline 12/31/24)
  2. Click here to apply online for the 2021 rebate (deadline 12/31/23)
  3. Paper instructions and application – English for 2022
  4. Paper instructions and application – Spanish for 2022
  5. Paper instructions and application – English for 2021
  6. Paper instructions and application – Spanish for 2021

Mail paper applications to Colorado Department of Revenue, Denver, CO 80261-0005


  1. Colorado ID or Driver’s License (if this is the first time you are applying for the Rebate)
  2. The address on your Colorado ID or Driver’s License must match the address on the PTC 104 application. To change your address on your driver’s license if you have moved, change your address here.

When will you receive your rebate?Application Received, Approved, and Processed BeforeDirect Deposit Payment DatesPaper Check Payment DatesAmount of Each Installment PaymentNumber of Equal Installments

Application Received, Approved, and Processed BeforeDirect Deposit Payment DatesPaper Check Payment DatesAmount of Each InstallmentPayment Number of Equal Installments
March 10, 2023April 5, 2023April 15, 20231/4 of total rebate4
June 10, 2023July 5, 2023July 15, 20231/3 of total rebate3
September 10, 2023October 5, 2023October 15, 20231/2 of total rebate2
December 10, 2023January 5, 2024January 15, 2024Full rebate1
December 31, 202410 Weeks after receipt12 weeks after receiptFull rebate1