Thank you for the $20 gift card for groceries for the holidays. I always say “when a gift comes, it is al ways the right time”. This gift card will really help out this month. Thank you. Connie  

Thank you for the food. . . you saved my life. Paul  

I want to thank you for your genuine kindness with all the wonderful food and gifts that were brought to  me today. Jesus Christ said “there is more happiness in giving than receiving” and you should be very  happy with all the “giving” that you do each year. Thank you for all your hard work in gathering eve rything as I eat my chicken meal. I will think of you. With deep appreciation. Jean 

Thank you so much for the holiday basket gift. The assortment/variety of food items is awesome and so  very much appreciated. Also, the soft, throw blanket is beautiful and something I will enjoy using re laxing in my recliner. God bless you and all of your team of volunteers. What an amazing group they  are with all the time and effort they put into sharing joy with others. Give each and every one of  them my sincerest, grateful thanks. Wishing you all a safe, health, and happy new year. Best Wishes.  Ingrid  

Dear Santa’s Helpers: Your holiday basket was a high point for my “Covid Christmas”. Thanks so much to  the organizers and volunteers who made this possible. I really appreciated your support, time and  money. May your programs continue to thrive in a better 2021. Linda 

Such a surprise with all the goodies and presents. A Big Hug and Thanks to you for being My Christmas  Angel this year. My heart is smiling and God Bless All. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Linda  

Thank you so much for the useful holiday basket that was delivered Saturday. All the items are so need ed in our family. Please thank the wonderful organizations and all the volunteers for opening up  their hearts and giving of this time to this so needed project. Bless You All! Lynn and Joy 

Thank you so much for the wonderful Holiday Basket! It was filled with so many wonderful items. Please say thank you to the sisters for Xi Delta Kappa Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority and Sarah my delivery person.  Love and Peace. Mildred

Thank You! For the delicious, nutritious  food, yummies, treats, and other useful things. Especially heartwarming was being able to catch the person who carried the items (probably in multiple trips) upstairs to my  front patio before she disappeared to thank her and affect a distant hug. Thank you all so much!!!  Lois 

I want to thank everyone for the beautiful basket that was delivered to my door yesterday. I am truly  grateful! This is the first time I have ever received a Holiday Basket and this year was the perfect  time. I have had a couple medical issues this (heart surgery in June, then 3 weeks later a stroke) and  it has been very difficult. I am surviving alone except for a brother and sister-in-law who live in Min nesota. I was so very happy with the variety of items included in the basket. I want to thank all the  donors, the people who put the items together and also the couple who brought the basket to me.  This put me in the Holiday mood. I even made my bed in Christmas flannel sheets. My Sincere  Thanks, Debbie  

I wonder if you have any idea of how very much I love and appreciate all the time you spend organizing  and putting together, collecting donations and delivering these wonderful gift bags. Everything I  love and need. I haven’t had a tangerine or an apple for over 6 years, I think. I will be 76 on Decem ber 29 and I am pretty disabled and deaf on one side due to a viral infection I got when I deployed  as a volunteer for the State of Colorado Emergency Animal team during the Waldo Canyon fires.  The doctor thought I would get my hearing back, but it never happened, sadly. It’s hard to believe  that there are so many angels on this earth, but there are and that’s what all of you are. All my love  and gratitude. P.S. I was praying for stove top stuffing and bananas! Yay! Kris and 3 kittens 

I want to thank you for all the goodies I received plus the extra that I am not able to afford. What a big  help that was! God bless all of you and the volunteers that brought this bounty of love! Thank You  all! God Blesses all of you. Sincerely. Shirley 

I received a Christmas Basket on Saturday, December 19, 2020. I must say I was moved to tears. How  can I thank you and your helpers for such generosity? It was most kind of you to arrange such a  treat to many seniors such as myself. I am forever grateful. May God keep all of you healthy and  safe. Thank you for the most heartwarming gesture. Sincerely. Zonita  

Just want to say “Thanks a million for the wonderful food, gifts, and everything in the holiday basket  you gave me Saturday – it is all so very much appreciated. You made my Christmas so very much  better. I love everything, appreciate everything, and love you all. Thanks again for all you gave me  – it will help me so very much. Thank you very much – 3 sweet young people” who delivered it all – God Bless you all. I will have a great Christmas – thanks to all of you – who gave me so very much! I  can never thank you enough for all you did for me – God Bless You All for making my Christmas so  special. I’m just an old, lonely 77-year-old lady, who will always love you all for being so generous.  Love Orlane  

Telephone Buddy

I want to thank you for the Buddy Program. My husband, David, looks forward to the call each week from his Telephone  Buddy, Katie. Few people realize how lonely older people become when they develop dementia. Many of our  friends have simply “dropped off” since David is no longer able to carry on interesting conversation and he gets tired  of talking to me! The buddy call has been something that belongs just to him, and it is a source of personal  encouragement. Thanks for offering this opportunity for friendship to him. Yesterday we celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. We were together with our children and grandchildren on Easter Sunday and had a wonderful  time. Sincerely, Dorothy 

Thanks to each of you there for the work you do!! It’s so very important! The special little touches such as the notes,  personal gifts, a piece of candy says you see the public who are in need as real flesh and blood people. Carolyn 

Phone Buddy helps with loneliness. Anonymous


Thank you for the call and consult today! You always bring wisdom and strategy to working toward a solution  to a dilemma – will keep in touch. God bless you and yours. Diane 

Wonderful outpouring of information and easily descriptive and colorful pages of what and where to go on the  spot. Amazing list of many relevant resources and benefits available for seniors in need and all in  complied and listed categorically. I will file this resource information for future questions – a go-to  resource. 

I could kiss your team. I read the CGS flyer on switching a Plan F Medicare supplement to a plan G. I had  previously tried the same and could not get underwritten. CGS made me aware of the Colorado law and I  just accomplished the change, with a new plan underwritten thru Aetna, and am saving a net of $23  monthly. Big thanks to you and the team! Matt 

It would be nice if all seniors were able to benefit from and seriously enjoy your selflessness. Atif 

I was able to locate a service close to where I live and they treated me just like everyone. I appreciate the  eyeglasses I received. Anonymous 

Amazing list of many relevant resources and benefits available for services in need. All complied and listed  categorically. Wonderful outpouring of information. Descriptive and colorful pages of what and where  to go—on the spot—I will file this resource information for future questions. Rosalie 

Helped me apply for Medicaid. I was totally lost as to what paperwork to submit but the lady help me was  very professional and timely. I also appreciatef th food boxes. They have helped a lot. Caroline Thank you for the property tax rebate and the food basket. The rebate check helps so much. My Social  Security is $350 per month. Kris


You gave me a chance. Nobody could help me get hearing  devices. I am a professional symphony violinist so,  you helped me recover my life long pursuit of music  and my violin. Kathleen 

I was able to locate a service close to where I live and they  treated me just like everyone. I appreciate the eye glasses I received. Anonymous 

The hearing aids help me to communicate better and be  able to hear! The dentures helped me to eat well  again. The holiday basket gave me food on my table.  Thank you very much for your help. Felix 

My glasses were lost when I visited the emergency room  and now my glasses have been replaced and I can see  once again. Phyllis 

My glasses were 10 years old. I couldn’t get to a doctor  until I moved to Denver. Anonymous 

I can now hear my grandkids laughter, the birds sing and  the phone ring! Best of all, with my new dentures, I  can eat all the food I get at the food bank, I am al ready up to 104 poundsl Anonymous