Every year hundreds of individuals volunteer with the Colorado Gerontological Society to help out those most in need. Whether through an annual project like the Holiday Baskets for Seniors, or with an informational event like the Salute to Seniors, or day-to-day volunteering in our office or in the community, CGS volunteers receive a sense of purpose and offer vital assistance to seniors from all walks of life. As a registered non-profit, CGS is also a great place for families to help children and young adults learn about community service. Many corporations and professionals also choose CGS to partner with for service days or through our Make a Difference Day projects.

You can get involved in many ways. You can sign up online for one of our regularly scheduled volunteer opportunities like the Holiday Baskets for Seniors and the Salute to Seniors. You can also sign-up to be a general volunteer for our ongoing projects like office and clerical assistance or home visits by contacting us. Many volunteer opportunities have flexible time commitments and are large group or family friendly.

We also periodically accept undergraduate and graduate level interns from a variety of fields, including Social Work, Sociology, Public Policy, Public Administration, Counseling, Non-Profit Management and others. If you are interested in an internship position, please contact us to arrange an interview. Please have all of your internship paperwork from your college or university available as well as the internship coordinator’s contact information.

Finally, if you are a licensed dentist, eyeglass or hearing aid dispenser, we urge you to become involved with the Make a Difference Day project that uses your donated time and talent to leverage thousands of dollars of additional assistance for our Dental, Hearing and Vision grants.